Chrome 68 insecure site warning

Google’s Chrome 68 Browser Update and Your Website

Website Security Alert: Your Site Might Display A Scary Looking Warning Starting July 2018 According to Google, starting sometime in July 2018, they will unleash Chrome 68 – their pending web browser update.  Updating Chrome is not that newsworthy, except this update ups the ante for websites that have not yet added an SSL certificate […]

elephant traps lead to seo mistakes

SEO and Elephant Traps

I have been interested in SEO for almost a decade now, and online marketing even longer.  In internet years that is a long time.  Way back when I was learning how to do  SEO  – and DSL was amazingly fast, I was always amused by the get rich quick charlatans of old (think 2002,2003,2004… era).  They […]

IT Security Like Playing Cat & Mouse

Keeping ahead of the bad guys…

In the field of Cybersecurity, keeping ahead of the bad guys is a never ending battle.  Cybersecurity experts develop advanced software and hardware defenses, and then the bad guys find ways around and through them. Traditional software based solutions claim to be secure, but hackers always find new vulnerabilities and strike unsuspecting companies – and […]

Cyber Security Attacks In The News

Recent CyberSecurity Attacks

Recent Cyber Security Attacks in the news…

New Office in Harleysville – February 2018

We are excited to announce that we are in our new office space located in Harleysville, PA.  We were working out of very nice temporary space while the new location was fitted out.  The new space gives us adequate space for our planned growth over the next several years. Nothing has changed as far as our […]