What Does Coffee and Online Marketing Have in Common?

What Does Online Marketing and Coffee Have in Common?

For anyone who knows me even a little bit, you may be tempted to say the answer is Mike loves Coffee, SEO and Online Marketing.  That is certainly true.  Ironically, my passion for good coffee was the driving reason that I took my product management and development skills to the next level and learned eCommerce, SEO and web development.  But that is too long of a story to tell in this post.

procrastinating with cyber security and privacy

Concerned about Data Privacy and Cyber Security? You’re not alone…

Are you concerned about data security but have not gotten around to doing anything about it? You are not alone according to a recent article over at ZDNet. Most people surveyed on the topic are more concerned than ever, yet have put off taking any actions to make sure they or their business are protected. […]

Website Design

6 Landing Page Trends to Look for in 2016

Designing a landing page to convert to new potential customers takes some thought and planning. Whether you are looking to get more sign ups for your monthly newsletter, or are running a specific promotion for a product or service, your landing page design can make huge differences in how many sign ups you get. You […]

eCommerce gains continue for 2016

Shoppers Spent $1.1 Billion In Apple’s App Store During Holidays – #tech /via @BuzzFeed Not bad! eCommerce is growing leaps and bounds and many online platforms and stores broke records this year including Amazon and more regional smaller companies as well. If you have an existing eCommerce site and are not getting results, talk to […]

You Want To Rank For What?

We often have clients and friends ask us how to get their website to rank on the first page of Google.  When I hear this question, I take a deep breath, smile, and ask a simple question…  Well, what to you want your website to rank for?  Sometimes I get a dumbfounded blank stare, other […]