According to the 2010 Microsoft Telework nationwide survey, “employees are more productive and efficient when they can work remotely.” We have many clients and business owners who have told us that remote connectivity has led directly to new sales and more satisfied customers.

remote workforce IT servicesEmail Services

  • Never miss an email.  Our mobility service pushes your business email to your BlackBerry, iPhone, Pixi or virtually any smartphone as soon as it hits your Inbox so you always have access to the most recent emails.
  • Never miss your laptop. You can check your email and stay connected with the office from any computer with an Internet connection using any web browser.
  • Never miss a last-minute appointment no matter where you are.  Quickly and easily schedule meetings, assess resource availability, and manage and share schedules and contacts in real-time so you’re always up to date while on the road.

Network and Server Access

  • Access your company’s network and servers over the Internet.
  • Secure your data from Internet hackers. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) services create private network tunnels over the Internet. Data is encrypted while it is sent over the Internet, so you can rest easy that it stays safe and secure.
  • Use any computer, anywhere. With either VPN or Terminal Services, all you need is a standard PC or laptop to connect to your email, applications, data and shared files.

Remote Desktop

  • Access your desktop from anywhere. Log on from any Internet-enabled device and work with your desktop applications as freely and easily as if you were sitting in front of your PC at the office.
  • Save money by using the desktop or laptop you already have using only an Internet connection.
  • Save time and hassle. Eliminate PC maintenance.  Let our experts take care of system monitoring and maintenance for you 24×7 so you can be free to focus on your business.