lockpc2Minimize Risks to Your Data, Network, and Users

For many businesses, their security strategy consists of a firewall and antivirus software. While that may have been adequate several years ago, any modern security strategy must be multi-layered. If your company is connected to the Internet, that alone makes you a target for hackers, network attacks, malware downloads, and various viruses.

We recommend a multi-layer strategy based on Defense in Depth:

Block network-based attacks – firewall, antivirus gateways, secure email, spam protection, and secure web filtering, intrusion detection and prevention

Block host based attacks – personal antivirus, personal firewalls, spyware removal, host intrusion prevention

Eliminate security vulnerabilities – patch configuration management and compliance, vulnerability management and penetration testing

Safely support authorized users – strong passwords, VPNs, secure remote access, file encryption, ID access and management
Minimize business losses and maximize effectiveness – backup, log management, regulatory compliance tools

We can assist you in determining the best security strategy for your company
so that you can minimize the risk to your data, network and users.