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New Team Members

Please join us in welcoming Mike Heffley as the newest member of our team! Mike comes from the telecom industry and has a wealth of experience in web services, product management and marketing.

He will be leading our new web services group which will be responsible for all areas of our new Web Services division which includes the ability to assist your current marketing department or fully manage your online presence.  Below is just a partial list of the services Mike’s team can now provide you and your company:

*   Webmaster Services and Website Management
*   Ecommerce Website Management and Development
*   Ecommerce Platform Upgrades and Migration Services
*   Online Marketing Services Consulting
*   SEO Services and Consulting
*   Email Marketing
*   Social Media Management
*   Online Advertising Campaign Management
*   Online Analytics Setup and Monitoring
*   Project Management of  Website  Projects

Mike uses a whole picture approach to working with companies regarding their online marketing needs.  The first thing that we recommend is a phone or face to face consult to allow us to understand what you want to accomplish with your online marketing.  We can build a customized program for your requirements and then add to it as your online needs grow.

What Does Coffee and Online Marketing Have in Common?

What Does Online Marketing and Coffee Have in Common?

For anyone who knows me even a little bit, you may be tempted to say the answer is Mike loves Coffee, SEO and Online Marketing.  That is certainly true.  Ironically, my passion for good coffee was the driving reason that I took my product management and development skills to the next level and learned eCommerce, SEO and web development.  But that is too long of a story to tell in this post.

procrastinating with cyber security and privacy

Concerned about Data Privacy and Cyber Security? You’re not alone…

Are you concerned about data security but have not gotten around to doing anything about it? You are not alone according to a recent article over at ZDNet. Most people surveyed on the topic are more concerned than ever, yet have put off taking any actions to make sure they or their business are protected.

It may be that they think the odds are in their favor (they are not), or more possibly could it be that many individuals and businesses do not know what steps they can and should take?

Some solutions for corporate data protection are complex and and require specific knowledge and expertise. Others are very simple, like not leaving default passwords on your devices, or using your significant other’s name as your login password.

At DTS we are constantly analyzing the newest threats, whether they be online, network-based or email based. We implement solutions and industry best practices to ensure our customers are well protected.

While no IT or Managed Services Company or Cybersecurity expert can guarantee you will never be compromised, you can significantly reduce your risk of being a target by being proactive and making sure you are working with an IT company that understands security and data protection.

If you have not done a recent Cybersecurity Risk Analysis, you need to, and we can help.

If you have not recently completed a cyber threat analysis or security risk assessment, you should! We have the tools a know-how to thoroughly test for risks and vulnerabilities, and then work with you to mitigate those risks.

In the meantime, practice strong password protection; change your passwords periodically and NEVER write passwords down on a yellow sticky and post it on your desk. You never know who may see it and what their ultimate intentions may be.

Referenced Source: Zdnet.com data privacy article

Website Design

6 Landing Page Trends to Look for in 2016

Designing a landing page to convert to new potential customers takes some thought and planning.

Whether you are looking to get more sign ups for your monthly newsletter, or are running a specific promotion for a product or service, your landing page design can make huge differences in how many sign ups you get.

You can read more and see some examples by going to the article referenced below. The article touches on some important web design trends for 2016.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you create outstanding landing pages that integrate inside your current site, or create stand alone landing pages for your next promotion.

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Source: Autopilot Blog Article – Landing Pages Trends for 2016