At DelVal Technology Solutions we have been providing technology solutions for a wide range of small and medium businesses in the region.  The following are a few examples of technology needs that we have responded to with appropriate cost effective solutions.


Commercial Services

Commercial IT ServicesThe Need: A medium sized commercial services company was expanding rapidly. They didn’t have any servers for their email and other administrative services. They were using a mail hosting provider that provided only the most basic mail services. They realized that they needed to significantly improve security of their shared data files. They also needed to share calendars so they could keep track of where all of their employees were supposed to be. They also needed reliable remote access to their network for their remote sales staff to have access to applications and shared document.  They knew they needed experienced technology support to address these issues quickly and efficiently.

The Solution: We evaluated their situations and determined exactly what they needed. We purchased a new server with Windows “Small Business Server” applications. This provided securable shared storage, and also an internal full-featured mail server which offered improved mail functionality, and also shared calendars. We also installed a Sonicwall Firewall which gives remote employees totally secure VPN access to the corporate network. It also provides enhanced antivirus and antispyware security, as well as web content filtering and blocking. We also installed offsite backup and recovery system to provide full recoverability in any emergency. We provide email filtering and continuity services to this very satisfied client.



IT Services for ManufacturingThe Need: A medium sized manufacturing company was being supported technically by a long term employee who had no formal technology training. His technology skills and experience were very limited especially with the latest developments in hardware and software products, and the trends in technology such as cloud computing and remote services.  Management recognized the potential risks to their technology dependant business, and decided it was time to engage knowledgeable and skilled services from a company like DTS to dramatically improve their technology environment. They felt there were opportunities to reduce their technology related expenses, and they knew they needed to improve many of their technology processes, especially the lack of a reliable offsite backup and recovery for their business critical data.

The Solution: DTS performed a thorough analysis of the company’s technology environment, and evaluated the technology related business needs of the company.  We completely rebuilt their network infrastructure and added a reliable offsite backup and recovery system. We also implemented a firewall to improve security for their environment. As a result of the solution implemented by DTS, they were able to eliminate a full time position, and contracted with DTS for all technology support by our expert team of technology specialists.  As a result of moving to a “managed Services” strategy they saved over $20,000 annually while dramatically improving the quality of their technology environment and support.


Marketing Services

Information Technology for MarketingThe Need: This medium sized marketing solutions company had a managed services relationship with another company, but they were only receiving services in a “reactive break/fix” mode. The current provider was not actively managing the account and was not providing proactive service or Virtual CIO level strategic support on an ongoing basis. The company is very security conscious, and they also noted that they were not getting critical email archiving from their service provider.

The Solution: We conducted an analysis of the current environment and developed an understanding of the business needs of the company. Based on our findings, we implemented our Core Managed Services platform including offsite backup, email filtering, network continuity, and data and email archiving. We also installed a new firewall with VPN support, content filtering, and provided detailed user level web usage Management Reports. We also contracted to host the company’s mail server in our secure data center. We conduct monthly and quarterly strategic management meetings to insure that all of the company’s needs are being met. Our comprehensive Core Managed Services program has significantly improved the company’s technology performance and reliability while reducing their technology related costs.


Manufacturing & Distribution Services

Managed Services for Distribution CompaniesThe Need: Two mid sized Food Distribution companies were merging, and needed a reliable infrastructure environment to link the technology platforms of the two companies. Enhanced security was also required. They needed to improve the infrastructure to support a new ERP system and multiple office and manufacturing locations.

The Solution: We conducted an analysis of the current environment and developed an understanding of the business needs of the companies.  Based on the findings of our full network assessment,  including infrastructure and security, we implemented new firewalls with site-to-site, and remote access VPN capabilities. We implemented Dell hardware, and VMware infrastructure software to support Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 ERP application software.  We also installed a terminal server for remote application access by employees in the field, and we installed Sharepoint services to facilitate document management and workflow capabilities.


Medical Practice

IT Services for MedicalThe Need: A large Medical Practice group consisting of 10 docs, 20 exam rooms and a support staff of 15 medical administrators and nurses, needed an infrastructure to support a new state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records system.

The Solution:  We conducted an analysis of the current environment and developed an understanding of the business needs of the companies.  Based on our findings we implemented a high availability server solution based on VMware infrastructure and shared storage. We consolidated existing servers and installed several new servers. We also optimized their infrastructure and network environment.  We also provided automatic server failover, redundancy, hot backups, and other services to provide the comprehensive technology environment required by a modern medical practice.