IT Security Like Playing Cat & Mouse

Keeping ahead of the bad guys…

In the field of Cybersecurity, keeping ahead of the bad guys is a never ending battle.  Cybersecurity experts develop advanced software and hardware defenses, and then the bad guys find ways around and through them. Traditional software based solutions claim to be secure, but hackers always find new vulnerabilities and strike unsuspecting companies – and often remain undetected. Organizations install firewalls and antivirus like they have been told, yet hackers, malware, and Ransomware get inside. What can a small or mid-sized company do to keep up with the never-ending challenges of data security?

The answer is our CloudXSecurity services which include customized protection services that extend beyond just the traditional hardware and software. Our comprehensive solution covers all the bases including ongoing risk analysis, policies and procedures, Cybersecurity awareness training, behavior analysis, routine vulnerability mitigation, mobile device management, encryption, and incident detection and response – just to name a few. Our solutions help companies meet and exceed industry requirements including GDPR, PCI, GLBA, and 23 NYCRR 500.

We keep you protected, so you can sleep at night.