Cloud X Security Rollout

Introducing Our Newest Service – CloudXSecurity

DTS offers comprehensive security solutions that extend beyond the traditional services offered by most service providers. Our solution to Cybersecurity covers the three critical areas of Cybersecurity Risk Management- End User TrainingResponsible Systems Management, and Incident Detection and Response. Our solutions extend beyond just installing the latest security software. At DTS we actually partner with our customers to develop a comprehensive security program and then provide the oversight and resources to implement and run the program.

This month we are highlighting our End User Training. DTS has partnered with an industry leader in Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Not only do we have dozens of courses that we can deliver electronically, we also have a Phishing simulator that allows us to send safe Phishing emails to our customers employees. This allows us to establish a baseline and get a better understanding of how susceptible and organization is to Phishing scams.